Help this lost Ballarat cat find his way home

FOUND: One furry but slightly floppy-legged feline.

Needed: Its owner.

This male grey and white domestic shorthorn was handed into the RSPCA on Sunday after being hit by a car in Wendouree, breaking its right hind leg.

The desexed cat, aged between three and four, was taken to the Eureka Veterinary Hospital, where veterinarian Dr Rob Page put pins in its leg and built an external frame around it.

Almost straight after the operation, the cat was able to walk again, although with a slight limp, and has taken to its diet of cooked chicken and cat food with relish.

“He’s a lovely cat, he’s very friendly,” Dr Page said.

“He’s very placid and he’s been well looked after so we really want to find his owner.”

Dr Page said the only identifying mark on the cat was its collar with distinctive blue diamentes.

Unfortunately, the cat is not microchipped and has no name tag.

He said the cat would probably return to the RSPCA tomorrow and be fostered out until the leg heals, which will take about eight weeks. If its owner has still not been found, it will then be adopted out.

If anyone has any information about the owner, they can contact the RSPCA on 5334 2075.

Help this lost cat find his way home. Picture: Dylan Burns

Help this lost cat find his way home. Picture: Dylan Burns