Trespassers break into Newlyn Primary School, steal musical instruments

NEWLYN Primary School pupils and staff are in shock after trespassers broke into the school and stole musical instruments last Friday. 

The small school with only eight pupils had three guitars and the school keyboard stolen, including the music teacher’s personal guitar, which she had owned for many decades. 

Principal Kathy Kirby said she was attending a principal’s conference in Melbourne and a teacher found the mess.

“When she arrived that morning, the alarm was still going and there was a note from the police not to touch anything,” Ms Kirby said.

She said the front door had been jimmied open, and the glass door to the music/arts room had been smashed. 

“In a small school like ours, that’s a good portion of equipment.” 

Ms Kirby said the school was well resourced in technology with many computers, none of which had been touched. 

“Children were shocked on Friday. Some of them were crying,” Ms Kirby said. 

“(Yesterday) they were a lot more settled.” 

The school didn’t use the art/music room on Friday, but used it yesterday for art. 

“The kids did make comments, like talking about how their things had been stolen,” Ms Kirby said. 

“Because it’s a smaller school the kids have a lot of ownership of items – they do it see it as their own.”

Ms Kirby said she hadn’t made a big deal out of it, not wanting to upset the pupils.

To Ms Kirby’s knowledge, the school building hasn’t been broken into, but the shed has had ride-on lawnmowers stolen years ago. 

School councillor and parent Christine Henderson said music was a huge part of the school.

“The music teacher is incredible and she does amazing things with the students,” Ms Henderson said. 

“They do something for Anzac Day each year and this year they won’t be able to without the keyboard.

“Those instruments were the music teacher’s pride and joy.” 

Ms Henderson has a seven-year-old daughter in grade one and said she was startled by in the incident.

“She has brought it up and says things like the big kids are trying to catch the robbers.” 

She said that because it was a small school, it takes a lot more work to try and raise large amounts of money. 

“We would just like to get it back. That would be amazing, but we know its not likely.”

Parent Christine Henderson shows the smashed glass in the door where intruders broke into the music room.

Parent Christine Henderson shows the smashed glass in the door where intruders broke into the music room.


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