Ice user 'ridiculous': Judge

A YOUNG ice user who broke into another man's home, beating him with a baton and stealing alcohol, has been labelled "ridiculous" by a judge in Ballarat. 

Billy John Travis Dart, 20, of Bacchus Marsh, appeared in the County Court at Ballarat today where he pleaded guilty to the violent home invasion which he committed while drunk and high on ice. 

A lawyer for Dart told Judge Michael McInerney his client had been an ice user for several years, but said Dart had recently reduced his drug use "substantially".

This comment infuriated Judge McInerney, who said a reduction in ice use was "ridiculous".

"You've got to stop ... no ice," Judge McInerney told Dart. 

"The community is outraged by this type of behaviour.

"If he's going to have a future ... then he doesn't want to be using ice."

Crown prosecutor Tim Hoare said Dart went to the home of a man known to him about 12am on July 6 last year, entering the man's bungalow as a trespasser while armed with an extendable baton. 

Mr Hoare said Dart, who had been drinking alcohol and taking ice, was earlier contacted by a close friend who said he had been assaulted by Dart's victim. 

The court heard Dart went to the victim's home with three other men, bursting through an open door and punching the victim.

Mr Hoare said Dart later admitted he hit the victim with the baton. The court heard Dart then went to the victim's fridge and stole four cans of bourbon. 

Dart pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, intentionally causing injury, criminal damage and theft. 

Dart's lawyer said his client became angry after being contacted by an upset friend who said he had been assaulted by Dart's victim. 

The lawyer said it was an "unfortunate" response from Dart, adding his client had limited prior convictions, strong family support and good prospects of rehabilitation. 

Judge McInerney ordered Dart be assessed for a community corrections order, but warned him the threat of immediate jail was in range. 

Dart will be sentenced tomorrow morning.     

A 20-year-old Bacchus Marsh man has pleaded guilty to a violent home invasion.

A 20-year-old Bacchus Marsh man has pleaded guilty to a violent home invasion.