Bail for woman accused of hiding $10,000 of ice in bra

A BALLARAT woman allegedly caught using her bra to conceal an estimated $10,000 worth of the drug ice, was released on bail yesterday.

Police arrested Brittany Young, 22, about 9.30pm on Monday when she was caught in a car, alongside her 57-year-old co-accused boyfriend, both of whom were allegedly in possession of ice. 

Young, who was wanted on a warrant over the alleged theft of car, admitted to being in possession of ice. 

However, it was when police took her back to the station for an interview that they discovered about 23 grams of the drug hidden inside her bra. 

Young is charged with a string of offences, including trafficking methylamphetamine, possessing methylamphetamine and theft. 

Her co-accused, who is charged with drug possession, was granted bail on Tuesday, Ballarat Magistrates Court heard. 

Opposing Young’s bail application, Constable Anthony McKay, of Ballarat police, said Young, a mother of two young children, admitted to police she had been a heavy user of ice for the past five years. 

Constable McKay said Young was an unacceptable risk to the community and needed to show cause as to why she should be released. 

The court heard Young had failed to appear on bail for other matters several times in the past. 

Mike Wardell, for Young, said his client was “her own worst enemy” while using drugs, adding that supports could be put in place if released. 

Mr Wardell called Young’s grandmother who gave evidence that Young could live with her in Warrnambool. 

The grandmother also gave an undertaking to the court that she would alert police if Young breached any of her bail conditions. 

Magistrate Michelle Hodgson eventually granted Young’s application, warning the accused the charges against her were serious. 

Young must live at her grandmother’s Warrnambool home, report to police daily and abide by a curfew between 9pm and 7am.