Unlicensed driver gets jail warning

A YOUNG Ballarat man with several convictions for unlicensed driving was given the chance to avoid jail last year after pleading guilty to more driving offences, yet still appealed the sentence, a court has heard. 

Christopher Kermond, 19, appeared briefly in the County Court at Ballarat on Wednesday where he was due to appeal his sentence, which included a 12-month loss of licence and a $1200 fine. 

But Kermond, representing himself, withdrew his application before Judge Liz Gaynor, who slammed the repetitive offending.

“It’s basically like putting up the finger to the court ... you just can’t do it,” she said.

“If you keep driving without a licence you’re going to end up in jail. 

“You’re very lucky to have got the 1200 bucks ... you are lucky you didn’t go to jail.”

In December last year, sentencing magistrate Peter Mithen described Kermond’s record as “appalling”. 

“You really need to look at how you’re going about things,” Mr Mithen said at the time. 

That previous court appearance heard Kermond was caught driving by police twice on January 11, 2013. 

Judge Gaynor on Wednesday warned the shearer he simply could not continue driving. 

“You have got five priors for it (unlicensed driving),” she said.

Referring to the fact Kermond was often caught while driving to work, Judge Gaynor said she understood his predicament.

“I really understand it, but you can’t do it,” she said. 

“You don’t want to go inside.”

Judge Gaynor dismissed the appeal, reminding Kermond that he still faced six months off the road.