Olivia's spud wins weigh-in at Big Spud Dinner

Ngaire McKay and Liz Kelly get excited about the Big Spud Dinner.
Ngaire McKay and Liz Kelly get excited about the Big Spud Dinner.

OLIVIA Guthrie had a slightly unconventional way to use her award-winning spud over the weekend. 

Rather than turn it into chips or a nice potato mash, she decided to drink out of it. 

Weighing in at more than two kilograms –  or five pound, six ounces in the old measure – the spud only narrowly won a weigh-in for the district’s biggest potato at the Big Spud Dinner.

Ms Guthrie said people who attended the event urged her to cut the potato in half, using the hollow potato as a cup. 

“It was a really good night. Everyone from all over the district came,” she said. 

It is common for potatoes of that size to be hollow in the middle, according to Ms Guthrie.

While Ms Guthrie’s potato would be considered huge to many people, it fell well short of the record of six pound 13 ounces set in previous years. 

Held at the Dean Hall and Mechanics Institute, the annual event pays tribute to spud growers and workers.

The facility’s president, Dan Maher, said more than 100 people attended the event.

“It is really good opportunity for everyone to get together and come to the hall,” he said. 

Mr Maher said the event was growing in popularity with some international backpackers even stopping by to help celebrate the end of the spud-harvesting season.


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