International star Tina Arena to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre

GRACING the stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Tina Arena is looking forward to adding Ballarat to her Australian tour in October. 

Tina Arena, who will perform in Ballarat in October, has been through plenty of highs and lows during her career.

Tina Arena, who will perform in Ballarat in October, has been through plenty of highs and lows during her career.

The music icon said she has visited Ballarat many times but never performed there. 

“We like to think outside the box when we tour. There are some of the same

venues but it’s important to explore different places,” Arena said.

Speaking with The Courier, Arena said she had divided her time between Australia and France for the past five years, living in each country for six months. 

“There will come a time when my son’s education needs to be more solid, so I’ll probably come back to Australia more permanently then,” she said.

Arena said her new album Reset happened very quickly, taking two-and-a-half to three months to put together. 

“There was a lot that needed to be said (on my new album). 

“There’s a strong message about resetting your life, putting things in place and reassessing what’s important, which is what I was doing, trying in our overzealous world to come back to what’s important.”

Striking success at the age of 10, Arena advised young people to stay away from the limelight and stardom. 

“This thing, celebrity-ism, can seduce people into what they think it represents, and it’s completely different. 

“If you’re serious about music, there’s no easy way to get anywhere.

“Just understand it’s a long road and stay true to yourself.

“It’s entering a business with absolutely zero certainty. 

“But if music is the only way you express yourself, you need to understand it’s a lot of work.”

With 37 years in the limelight herself, she said there have been a lot of highs and lows. 

“I’m able to look back and see how I’ve changed and matured, and learnt to be true to myself and trust my instincts,” she said.

She said she has seen how the industry has changed throughout her time in the business.

“It’s a business where artists have gone from being properly remunerated, to little remuneration at all, but remuneration to everyone else.

“It’s gone from being a respected artform to an artform where everyone expects you to work for nothing.

“People download your music for free, but what people don’t understand is that artist has to eat.

“There needs to be education to the generation of

entitlement, that music is an artform which needs to be respected.”

Although she’s spent decades in the industry, Arena says she’s still hungry and interested in music and that’s why she keeps pursuing it. 

“I haven’t arrived where I am without lots of risks, decisions good and bad,” she said. 

“If there comes a day where I’m not, I won’t. I’m lucky I’m in a position where my heart is still in it.”


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