John Lennon fans to relive biggest hits

John Waters stars in the production Looking Through a Glass Onion.
John Waters stars in the production Looking Through a Glass Onion.


WHAT: John Waters: Looking through a glass onion

WHEN: Friday, August 29 at 7.30pm

WHERE: Regent Cinemas, Ballarat

TICKETS: $59.50

BOOKINGS: Directly from Regent Box Office or call the box office on 5330 5544.

HE was a music icon, some would say to this day he is still a legend of rock n' roll.

To John Waters who is set to honour John Lennon in the up close and personal production, Looking Through a Glass Onion, agrees Lennon was just that.

"He was amazingly honest, he was not devious as many rock stars were - he was the real deal," he said.

It was in 1992 where Waters and Stewart D'Arrietta took to a small stage in Woolloomooloo with their debut production of Looking Through a Glass Onion. Fast forward 137 more tour dates and they return again with their two man show in 2014.

"It began its life as a as a small venue piece with just Stewart and myself on stage at the Tolbury Hotel. I made my entrance from a kitchen and climbed over patron's laps to scramble onto a tiny raised platform in the corner of the room," he said.

"The audience and I were inescapably intimate with each other from the very start, and I kinda liked that."

The venues may have gotten bigger, but the productions are just as intimate says Waters.

"I invite audiences to imagine John Lennon," he said.

"The songs are organised in a story telling way, where the audience goes on a journey. It can be emotional."

Waters says the show isn't a cut and past biography of Lennon, but an exploration of the man through song and spoken word that is either an emotional trip down memory lane for audiences or a wonderful introduction to the life and times of one of the most fascinating icons of our time.

"It's not a history lesson, it's a celebration that also sheds a bit of light on Lennon and that generation," he said.

"Rather than to impersonate, I wanted to evoke his honesty, bitter-sweet humour, self criticism and disdain for pretentiousness and pomposity.

"As I like to say, it should be enjoyable for someone who has just stepped of a spaceship from Mars."

Waters and D'Arrietta will perform 31 songs including A Day in the Life, Strawberry Fields Forever and Glass Onion which inspired the show.