Award-winning artist to perform in Ballarat


What: Icehouse

When: Friday, September 5

Where: Regent Cinema

Bookings: 5330 5555

IVA Davies took a leap of faith when releasing Icehouse's latest offering White Heat.

But it was a leap of faith worth taking, with the 30-hit compilation awarded platinum sales status.

"We hadn't played for years and hadn't released a studio album for goodness knows how long so we had no gauge at all on whether the band name and catalogue had disappeared in thin air over time," Davies said.

"It was quite extraordinary because it reached Gold level within almost a week and has been ticking over ever since."

Since the early 90s, Icehouse's members had been busy with their own projects and the band had become somewhat absent on the Australian touring circuit.

It wasn't until 2009 when they were invited to perform as part of a relief concert in Sydney that the iconic rock act decided to make a return

"We hadn't played for years and my children hadn't even seen my play. That was very well received and in turn prodded us into action," Davies said.

"Since then, we've had loads of shows and everything from massive festivals to tiny little pubs and we continue to find places to play in fairly selective sort of ways."

Icehouse is now on tour in celebration of White Heat reaching platinum sales status.

Visiting cities and regional centres across the nation, Davies said it was the first time since 2011 the band had undertook a tour of this extent.

"We stopped touring in 1994 effectively and it wasn't until the end of 2011 that we did a tour of this extent," he said.

"Since 2009, we had been playing fairly regularly but sporadically."

Although the guys have been performing gigs on and off, Davies said taking to the stage was just like riding a bike.

"When you've been doing it for 30 years it becomes like clockwork really," he said.

"We have an experienced set of musicians and they're all working musicians who haven't stopped playing.

"I'm probably the most rusty but it's a bit like getting back on a bicycle I think."