Incredible video from the 1930s promoting Ballarat

Here at The Courier, we love Ballarat.

So what better way to showcase our fine city than to defer to the experts? 

No, we're not talking about the people currently employed to promote Ballarat to the world.

We're talking about the work of a Melbourne production company in the 1930s who put together a five minute clip designed, no doubt, to bring the masses west down Melbourne road.


Featuring a charming violin soundtrack, the video clip is narrated professionally by a man with a decidedly British accent and highlights a number of Ballarat's landmarks and attractions.

The opening line explains Ballarat was 'once known as the Golden City, but now as the Garden City - then goes on to applaud the city's "historical associations" as being more 'vivid' than any other country centre in Victoria.

Trams rumble along Lydiard street.

Trams rumble along Lydiard street.

It takes viewers for a drive down the Avenue of Honour and through the Arch of Victory.

It lauds Sturt Street has having 'great breadth, glorious trees and fine examples of statuery' and also shows miners digging up backroads near Ballarat, declaring 'treasure over traffic' was a common catch-cry for those still trying their luck.

The view down Sturt street.

The view down Sturt street.

Later, the video highlights the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and Lake Wendouree, even suggesting a musical task for local residents.

"If someone in the Garden City has not made a song already called 'under the willow of Wendouree', it is liable to be done at any moment," the narrator quips.

Take a look at the video and see if it fills you with a renewed civic pride.


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