Ballarat breakfast report: Sunday, October 5, 2014

Can anyone guess where this photo was taken?
Can anyone guess where this photo was taken?


Ballaratians can put their sunscreen away, for now, as the clouds are back. The city will reach a mild high of 18 today and could become sunnier in the afternoon. Winds southwesterly 20 to 25 km/h becoming light in the middle of the day.

However Monday looks set to be a warmish one, with temperatures expected to reach 23. 


A YOUNG girl was taken to Ballarat Base Hospital last night after a car rollover in Sebastopol. 

The seven-year-old, along with a woman in her 40s, were taken to hospital with minor injuries shortly after a two-car collision at 17:23. 

Ambulance Victoria spokesperson John Mullen said four ambulances attended the scene, which had the potential for a number of patients. 

He said a number of children were in one of the cars, but they were all fine. 

The incident occurred on Bridge Street, near Yellow box court and Charlotte Street and was said to have caused major traffic disruptions in the area.

It was the second incident on Saturday where a youngster was taken to hospital, after a young boy riding his bike was hit by a car near Newstead in the morning.  


Ballarat's fire brigade had a quiet night but have again warned people to register planned burn offs. 

Ballarat City Fire Bridgade Senior Station officer Mark Owen said residents could register a burn by calling 1800 668 511. 


ALMOST half of Ballarat residents would sacrifice service cuts for a cap on local council rates, according to a community satisfaction survey.

About six hundred locals were interviewed for the survey from 2011 to 2014, and just 11 per cent of those people said they would prefer to pay for more services.

Ballarat Residents and Ratepayers Association President Denis Bateman said the result was indicative of a deep-rooted dissatisfaction with the City of Ballarat's financial policy.

Good morning - for those interested, it's also NRL grand final day. The sentimental favourites, South Sydney Rabbitohs, probably start favourites but don't tell the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

If you need to prime yourself for the match, take our NRL quiz or perhaps just check out some of the keen Bunnies and Dogs fans around the countryside.

8.50am: It's the legend that refuses to die. Rumours have circulated for decades about a mysterious panther-like cat roaming bushland fringes in NSW. Last Saturday, a startled couple from Goulburn became the latest witnesses to shoot a grainy, quick-fire frame of the large feline predator - which they insist was "a panther"

8.40am: Three people have been flown to the John Hunter Hospital after suffering injuries in separate long weekend accidents.

8.31am: Brendan McCarthy captured Heathcote Winegrowers Association president Phil Meehan displaying prfect technique at the Heathcote Wine and Food Festival.

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		<center>	<h4><a href="">PHOTOS: Heathcote Food and Wine Festival 2014


8.28am: The parents of a man who was beaten to death by a masked assailant on the patio of his Gold Coast home admit their son wasn't a saint. But Nowra's Peter and Julie Spencer are devastated by the murder of their son Mark, 37, and are pleading with the public to help police catch his killer.

8.25am: The Australian Moto Trials Championships are being held near Launceston this weekend - at Mt Joy, Cressy. Check out some day one action.

8.23am: The asking price for Ballarat’s heritage-listed Bishop’s Palace has been reduced again. The landmark Sturt Street property is now on the market for between $3.25 million and $3.65 million. It was passed in at auction in August with a vendor bid of $2.7 million, about $2 million short of the asking price.

8.20am: A shark conservationist has set up crowdfunding to aid the recovery of Bunbury surfer Sean "Polly" Pollard, the victim of a savage shark attack on Thursday which left him with part of both arms bitten off. Read more

Shark attack victim Sean Pollard

Shark attack victim Sean Pollard

8.12am: The sun might be shining through a line of Tibetan prayer flags above the garden but Shane Howard says the lights are growing dim. Age doesn’t seem to have slowed any plans for the iconic artist but with his 60th birthday looming next year,he's increasingly wary. 

8.05am: What would you do if you came home and found out a stranger had helped themselves to your shower? Yes, seriously. It happened to Frank and Margaret Smith . Here's how they handled it.

8am: Police are investigating a serious collision where a young boy was hit by a four-wheel drive while crossing a road at Newstead on Saturday.

File this one in the "only in America" category perhaps ...

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► Residential burglaries have fallen across Victoria over the past five years, but a swath of growth suburbs in Melbourne's north and outer-west continue to be prime targets for thieves. Which suburbs? Read more

► Small "cannabis clubs" are popping up across NSW as more people seek to use the drugs for medical purposes and pressure builds across the country to allow its legal use. Read more

"I feel like I'm being pushing into breaking the law": Jaylene Siery and Peter Rule with daughter Larissa, now two years old. Photo: Marina Neil

"I feel like I'm being pushing into breaking the law": Jaylene Siery and Peter Rule with daughter Larissa, now two years old. Photo: Marina Neil

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Any Dr Who fans?

The faces of Australia: Forrest

A Wollongong mystery ultra-marathon man who never tells anyone his real name is taking part in a 57km walk for children in Sydney this weekend. He goes by the name of Forrest and if you ask him his age he will tell you he is 108.

Wollongong's mystery marathon man Forrest. Picture: GREG ELLIS

Wollongong's mystery marathon man Forrest. Picture: GREG ELLIS


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