More Maryborough services on the cards as part of the Regional Network Development Plan

There is a push for more train services between Maryborough and Ballarat.

There is a push for more train services between Maryborough and Ballarat.

The Rail Revival Alliance is pushing for an increased number of Maryborough train services.

In a submission to Public Transport Victoria as part of the state government’s Regional Network Development Plan, RRA president Noel Laidlaw said there needs to be more services to accommodate what he believes is a strong and growing commuter base.

“We believe that two trains each way (to Melbourne) every day of the week is a bare minimum for a reasonable service and that three trains each way should be the objective,” Mr Laidlaw wrote as part of the submission.

“This is a service akin to that which is currently in place for Ararat.”

In good news for commuters, a PTV spokesperson said Maryborough would get 10 extra services every week from 2017.

The new services will be introduced as part of the next regional timetable change in early 2017, and will be created by extending a Ballarat service to Maryborough. 

“We fully support the government's decision to add 10 additional passenger trains between Ballarat and Maryborough which will offer a "day return" from Melbourne every weekday,” Mr Laidlaw wrote.

“The Maryborough and district communities have asked for additional services, but the initial request involved weekend day return services as the highest priority with weekday services as a secondary request.

​”The weekend day return from Melbourne would be very important to tourism (with access to the Talbot farmers market every month, the Maryborough Art Gallery or the food and wine functions that take place for example) in this district as well a family type visits for young people studying or working in Melbourne to come home for one or two full weekend days.”

V/Line currently operates one return weekday service between Maryborough and Southern Cross.