‘Fish and chip’ driver was suspended when caught, court hears

An 80-year-old man who crashed into another driver on his way to pick up fish and chips had a suspended licence, a court has heard.

Antal Danko appeared at the Ballarat Magistrates court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to driving whilst suspended and failing to give way.

The court heard the 80-year-old Ballarat man had his licence suspended on February 6 until August 5 for loss of demerit points.

At 7.20pm on June 25 Danko failed to give way at the roundabout at Barkly and Grant Streets, colliding with another driver who had already entered the roundabout.

Both cars had moderate damage.

Danko told the court on Monday he was on his way to pick up fish and chips for his wife and "unfortunately didn't pay enough attention".

He said he recently moved to the city and its roads were still new to him.

During sentencing magistrate Mark Stratmann said he took into account Danko's early plea.

He convicted Danko and fined him $850.