Still no inclination of where the Harmony Roundabout will go

The removal and replacement of the City of Ballarat’s controversial Harmony Roundabout appears to be delayed.

Council has confirmed to The Courier that the roundabout, on the corner of Mair Street and Ripon Street South, won’t be removed until the end of the month.

In August, a statement from council  said the roundabout would be removed from its current location by “mid-October”.

While supportive of its message, nearby residents have opposed the roundabout under the belief it it does not tie in with the area’s surrounding heritage overlay.

However, the structure has received significant support from the wider Ballarat community.

Council is yet not indicate where its new location would be.

The controversy surrounding the structure saw City of Ballarat staffers develop a ‘Roundabout Landscape Guideline (2016)’ document as a measure to identify potential issues with future projects.

The roundabout will likely be placed in a a prominent location due to the importance of the message it conveys.