Awards for city’s safety callers

They tirelessly make phone calls to ensure at-risk elderly people are safe in their homes, and on Friday Ballarat and District Community Support Register members were awarded.

Ditchy's view.

Ditchy's view.

They provide an essential service and collect key data that police members can use if the vulnerable person signed to the register has any problems – resulting in a quicker and potentially life-saving response. 

“The program is aimed at giving people who live alone or are isolated in the community a sense of feeling safe, by having a call once a week or fortnight checking on their welfare,” Leading Senior Janine Constable Walker, who is the program convenor, said.

She said the awards recognised the tireless work of the volunteers who had put in “hard work, commitment and dedication” to increase social interaction with some potentially isolated residents.  The register has been under the Neighbourhood Watch umbrella for four years. Some participants opt to have weekly, fortnightly or monthly phone calls.