Two smash hundreds in BCA twenty20

First season recruits Curt Townrow and Harry Ganley blazed centuries to light up the Ballarat Cricket Association’s twenty20 competition on Tuesday night.

Townrow smashed an unbeaten 102 to lead Mt Clear to a 68-run victory over Ballarat-Redan under lights at Alfredton, while Ganley cut loose with 121 as East Ballarat upset Wendouree by seven wickets with 6.3 overs to spare at Russell Square.

Heath Pyke hit 98 for the Red Caps, but their total of 7-191 was not enough.

Golden Point comfortably accounted for Dunnstown by 51 runs in the third fixture of the night.

Already with a century under his belt in the home and away competition, Townrow made Ballarat-Redan pay for its decision to send Mt Clear in and take the Mounties to 3-196.

He needed just 60 balls as he teed off with 11 fours and a six and combined with Victorian Bushrangers rookie Blake Thomson in a 141 second-wicket stand.

Thomson, lining up as a marquee player, made 54 (eight fours) off 40 balls.

Anthony Taylor, 59 (four fours, one six) off 44 balls, and Bobby Hind, 30 off 24 balls, gave the Two Swords a steady start with an opening stand of 83, but the run rate was always going to difficult to match.

Tim Griffith returned the best bowling figures of the night with 3-16.

Ganley anchored East Ballarat’s stunning win over Wendouree.

Pyke ensured a healthy total of 7-191 for the Red Caps with 98 (12 fours, five sixes) off 48 balls. Matt Smith chipped in with 31 (five fours, one six), combining with Pyke in an 84-run partnership.

Ganley, who played with Buangor in the Grampians association last season, then had his say

His 121 came off just 48 balls and featured 15 fours and seven sixes. He dominated a 122-run second wicket stand with Sam Kerber, 33 (four fours, one six) as East Ballarat cruised home.

Josh White top scored with 58 (four fours, three sixes) off 40 balls in Golden Point’s 8-145 at Dunnstown. 

WALLOP: Mt Clear's Curt Townrow was one of two century-makers in Ballarat Cricket Association twenty20 games on Tuesday night.

WALLOP: Mt Clear's Curt Townrow was one of two century-makers in Ballarat Cricket Association twenty20 games on Tuesday night.




A Falkner b B Collins 23

BA Parchment c T Collins b B Collins 2

S Ogilvie c N Hobbs b A Toohey 11

J White c D Glasson b B Collins 58

D Hiscock c B Collins b A Toohey 14

D White c N Hobbs b J Collins 3

M McDonald c A Toohey b JD Cahir 3

J Lewis c B Collins b JD Cahir 20

A Warrick not out 5

D McDonald not out 0

Extras 6

TOTAL 8-145

Overs 20

FOW: 19 (BA Parchment) 39 (A Falkner) 41 (S Ogilvie) 78 (D Hiscock) 94 (D White) 103 (M McDonald) 130 (J White) 145 (J Lewis)

Bowling: JD Cahir 2-27, J Phillips 0-18, B Collins 3-27, D Simpkin 0-12, A Toohey 2-24, D Glasson 0-19, J Collins 1-16


A Toohey c S Ogilvie b A Warrick 6

N Hobbs b S Ogilvie 12

B Collins lbw b D White 0

S Lockyer b S Ogilvie 8

D Glasson c S Ogilvie b A Warrick 33

D Simpkin c BA Parchment b D McDonald 0

A Murphy c D McDonald b S Ogilvie 0

JD Cahir b M Harris 3

J Collins b M Harris 0

J Phillips not out 18

T Collins b J White 0

Extras 14


Overs 17.4

FOW: 13 (A Toohey) 15 (B Collins) 29 (N Hobbs) 31 (S Lockyer) 33 (D Simpkin) 38 (A Murphy) 48 (JD Cahir) 48 (J Collins) 93 (D Glasson) 94 (T Collins)

Bowling: A Warrick 2-20, D White 1-9, S Ogilvie 3-17, D McDonald 1-5, M Harris 2-24, D Hiscock 0-13, J White 1-1



C Roscholler c B Whittaker b O Hayes 7

G Webb c H Givvens b C Carter 1

HI Pyke c C Murrie b J McHenry 98

M Smith c M Walsh b J McHenry 31

T Walton run out 1

S Jackson st M Walsh b SL Kerber 4

D Price c SL Kerber b O Hayes 24

R Simmonds not out 11

Extras 14

TOTAL 7-191

Overs 20

FOW: 10 (C Roscholler) 16 (G Webb) 100 (M Smith) 102 (T Walton) 129 (S Jackson) 165 (HI Pyke) 181 (D Price)

Bowling: O Hayes 2-35, C Carter 1-32, H Givvens 0-23, J Brown 0-33, SL Kerber 1-32, J McHenry 2-30


H Ganley c C Roscholler b DW Bill 121

M Shaw c S Jackson b D Price 12

SL Kerber c G Webb b D Price 33

C Murrie not out 5

H Givvens not out 16

Extras 6

TOTAL 3-193

Overs 13.3

FOW: 40 (M Shaw) 162 (SL Kerber) 176 (H Ganley)

Bowling: S Jackson 0-21, D Price 2-42, A Johns 0-15, J Wall 0-19, G Webb 0-40, R Simmonds 0-21, DW Bill 1-33mt clear D BALLmtLLARAT-REDAN 5-128



MG Ward c J Thornton b W Griffiths 10

B Thomson b J Hayes 54

CJ Townrow not out 102

AJ George c W Griffiths b M Snaith

G Trevenen not out 3

Extras 18

TOTAL 3-196

Overs 19.6

FOW: 13 (MG Ward) 154 (B Thomson) 180 (AJ George)

Bowling: W Griffiths 1-36, M Snaith 1-28, J Hayes 1-35, J Hayes 0-24, B Jones 0-36, R Wakeling 0-19, R Allan 0-11


A Taylor c MG Ward b AJ George 59

R Hind b T Griffith 30

J Hayes c & b AJ George 2

R Allan c DJ Thomson b T Griffith 8

B Jones not out 15

J Thornton lbw b T Griffith 0

M Snaith not out 12

Extras 2

TOTAL 5-128

Overs 20

FOW: 83 (R Hind) 91 (A Taylor) 91 (J Hayes) 104 (R Allan) 104 (J Thornton)

Bowling: S Nicholson 0-19, DJ Thomson 0-21, B Thomson 0-35, AJ George 2-24, T Griffith 3-16, T Millard 0-12