Bowser price changes begin

FULL PRICE ONLY: No discounted prices can be displayed.

FULL PRICE ONLY: No discounted prices can be displayed.

PETROL stations will no longer be able to display discounted fuel prices on their boards due to new regulation enforced on Wednesday. 

Under the new regulations, all Victorian service stations can only advertise the full price of petrol to motorists on price boards.

The new regulations also ensure the price advertised on the fuel-price board is the same as what is on the pump, with service station operators required to update their boards at the same time or before the price on the pump increases.

APCO director Peter Anderson said this  was a win for consumers.

“This is ensuring the prices motorists will pay is clearly identified. It’s fairer across the board – it means motorists won’t go into the station expecting to pay one price and finding out they pay more.” 

Service station operators who are still advertising discounted prices on their fuel-price boards, or do not change their fuel-price boards to reflect the price on the bowser, will face penalties of more than $3,000.