Car accident on Burnbank Street

Car accident on Burnbank Street. Picture: Dylan Burns
Car accident on Burnbank Street. Picture: Dylan Burns

Lisa Staszek was on her way to getting her motorbike fixed when a car crashed into her vehicle, writing off her car, possibly the motorbike and damaging her trailer on Burnbank Street on Friday afternoon.

“We were stationary at the roundabout and she just came up and ran straight into the back of us – didn’t hit the breaks, just kept going,” Ms Staszek said. 

With three cars stopped in front of her, Ms Staszek couldn’t move forward and instead had to brace for impact. 

“I just said to my husband, ‘gee this car is coming up fast’ and we couldn’t do anything, we had cars in front of us and the next second ‘bang’. She hit us that hard she put the motorbike into the back of the car,” Ms Staszek said. 

Ambulance and the fire brigade attended the scene. No injuries were sustained. 

Ms Staszek said she hoped the incident could serve as a warning to road users. 

“Just be careful on the roads and look at what you’re doing. The driver said she was looking away so just be aware of your surroundings.”