Injured Walker out of hospital

Melton’s Jack Walker was released from hospital Monday afternoon after suffering a punctured lung and suspected broken ribs in the weekend’s AFL Victoria Community Championships win over Bendigo Football League.

Walker went back with the flight of the ball in the third quarter of the 11-point win and was hit hard by his Bendigo opponent coming the other way.

Walker was taken immediately to a Bendigo hospital and spent the next two nights there. The club said there was no malice in the incident and it was just an unfortunate result from an incident that happens regularly throughout a football match.

Interleague coach Shaun O’Loughlin said it was a “nasty” collision but said the courageous act showed the dedication the group had made to play interleague and play it in a super-competitive fashion.

“It’s a reflection of the commitment of the boys, they certainly threw themselves at the game,” O’Loughlin said.

“That’s the big point we’re trying to push for the future of interleague, the boys are putting in and are really committed to representing the league in the right way.

“He did get a nasty one. It was fair, nothing untoward by the Bendigo guy.

“It was just one of those collisions that happen, he was running back with the flight of the footy...he had left himself pretty open and unfortunately got hit coming the other way.”

O’Loughlin spoke with Walker on Sunday and was pleased to hear he would return home on Monday.

“I spoke with him on Sunday...he’s on the road to recovery but he’ll have a few weeks on the sidelines I would think.”

Meanwhile, Central Highlands league senior coach Clive Raak has reported no serious injury concerns following the clash with the Southern competition on Saturday. Raak and his charges suffered a four-point defeat at the hands of their rivals in Lyndhurst.

Jack Walker

Jack Walker