Accused blackmailer committed to stand trial

A 28-year-old woman charged with blackmail has been committed to stand trial in the County Court.

Renee Fraser pleaded not guilty to one charge of blackmail at Ballarat Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Fraser's charge sheet obtained by The Courier states, the accused at Ballarat on September 15, 2015, "did with a view to gain for herself make unwarranted demand for $1400 from (the victim) with menaces".

The court was closed while the victim gave evidence during the committal hearing to protect the victim’s identity.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson committed her to stand trial in the County Court at Ballarat.

A directions hearing will be held on July 13.

Fraser was originally arrested and charged on January 27, 2016 and subsequently bailed. 

Police allege she failed to appear at court while on bail three times between June and December 2016.

A warrant was executed on February 21, 2017 and Fraser has been in custody for more than three months.

Fraser is currently making a bail application at Ballarat Magistrates Court which is expected to continue into the afternoon.

Police are opposing bail, telling the court Fraser is an unacceptable risk "because she has committed offences while on bail".

Her barrister Barnaby Johnston said Fraser has a place at an intensive rehabilitation program, has a stable address to live at her mother's house and been successfully assessed for a Court Integrated Services Program.

Mr Johnston said Fraser would report to police three times a week and abide by a curfew.

However, Detective Senior Constable Brett Duncan said he was concerned about the proposed address.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson said he was also concerned about bailing Fraser to live at her mother's address.

He stood the hearing down so Mr Johnston could make inquiries.

The hearing continues.