Hoon driver Bradley Cassells sentenced to jail

A hoon driver who crashed his car 80 metres from a family of five walking along a Scarsdale road has been sentenced to jail.

Bradley Cassells, 24, was driving an unregistered car along Browns Road on June 5, 2016 when he was clocked speeding 120km/h in a 80km/h zone and seen driving on the wrong side of the road.

One witness saw the father-of-four lock up the brakes before losing control and sliding off the road, smashing into trees. The car came to rest 80 metres from the family.

In another incident on November 15, 2016, Cassells was driving a white Toyota Corolla with stolen number plates around Redan’s streets, screeching the tyres and speeding.

At one point, Cassells overtook a car in the bike lane but skidded and crashed into a parked car. He drove around the car on the nature strip and sped off.

After more dangerous driving, Cassells stopped the car near the Yarrowee River and fled on foot. 

Cassells pleaded guilty at Ballarat Magistrates Court on Thursday to a litany of charges stemming from these incidents and other offences. 

Defence lawyer Lachlan Carter said Cassells had been in custody since February 15 on another sentence and was due to be released on July 6.

Magistrate Paul Smith said Cassells needed to spend six months in jail and required supervision when released.

“He needs to be supervised so he learns how to behave properly in the community,” Mr Smith said.

Cassells was sentenced to three months’ jail, with one month to be served concurrently with the sentence he is already serving. His licence was cancelled for two years.

He will be assessed for a community corrections order and return to Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 11.