Cat cops huge whack from tribunal

Newlyn’s Chris Eastwell has copped a five-match suspension for an incident that left Springbank player Lachlan Mahar with “significant facial injuries”.

The decision ends Eastwell’s home and away season. Newlyn sits ninth and he will be hoping it can make finals or else his year is over.

Chris Eastwell

Chris Eastwell

The incident occurred in round 10 in the reserves competition and a Central Highlands Football League investigation was the result.

Following the investigation, it was recommended the matter went straight to the tribunal, Eastwell being charged with unbecoming conduct.

Springbank wished to keep its comments on the matter brief, but president David Toohey assured all concerned that Mahar was recovering well from what was described as a significant facial injury – the club did not wish to expand on the specifics of the injury.

While Newlyn president Simon Dwyer said the club would not appeal the decision, opting to put the matter behind it.

“Their decision is their decision and we won’t appeal it,” Dwyer told The Courier.

Eastwell also coaches the reserves team, but Central Highlands Football League administrator Diane Ryan confirmed that the suspension would not impact his ability to coach. Given the ban was handed to him as a player, it would not crossover to his coaching duties.

If a club requests an investigation and an investigation officer is appointed the only charge a player can go to the tribunal for is unbecoming conduct – as stated in the AFL Victoria Country handbook.