Hoons stuck in Victoria park mud

Residents have raised the possibility of installing protective bollards in Victoria Park following another idiotic hoon incident in the popular park.

The hoons were driving the car illegally shortly after 4pm on Saturday near the equestrian park when it became bogged in a drain alongside Quercus Avenue.

The occupants fled the scene and were seen being picked up by another car nearby 

One resident who contacted The Courier said the stupid “fun” posed a high risk to other park users including pedestrians, runners and cyclists with the possibility of a “catastrophic outcome” if someone had been hit when they lost control of the car.

He has mooted the idea of introducing bollards to the park ensure cars cannot be driven off road within Victoria Park.

Park users promptly reported the incident to 000 but the status of the car remains unknown. 

Ballarat police have been contacted for comment. 

The incident follows numerous alarming driving incidents over the past week by hoons including video of a pedestrian nearly being hit by a speeding driver in Stockland Wendouree’s carpark.

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