Still one major cause

Last week was National Homelessness Week. One of the main causes of homelessness in Australia is mental health. This continues to be an issue because people don't talk about it. The older generation didn't discuss issues with anyone. It's only recently that mental health is in the spotlight, highlighting that more people need help.

We need more people to understand mental health, more professional sportsmen to continue talk about pressures of being elite athletes, and more money for funding places like men's sheds, Beyond Blue, headspace and Ballarat Health Services.

Rodney Williams, Ballarat.

Make it clear

The same sex marriage issue is easily resolved. There should be two forms of marriage, heterosexual marriage and homosexual marriage. Both forms should have the same social and legal standing. This arrangement is consistent with the fact that homosexuality has a biological basis.

My postal yes vote will include a note that it's contingent upon the establishment of the two forms of marriage.

Stephen Mooney, Bendigo.

Selective equality?

Last month, Mr. Bill Shorten said in a newsworthy speech, "The system as it stands is accelerating inequality rather than addressing it". He plans to flaunt this "inequality" slogan from now until next election, and thus become Prime Minister.

If Mr. Shorten really believed in equality, wouldn't he be lobbying to end abortion? Shorten and friends choose to declare unborn humans un-equal, i.e. non-human, and thus OK to kill. In what way is that different from - unfortunate example - declaring Jews non-human? George Orwell's book, "Animal Farm" features one power-broker announcing how all individuals are equal, but some more equal than others…

 Arnold Jago, Nichols Point.