BDSA best and fairest award winners

Sebastopol's men's and women's teams crowned league champions.
Sebastopol's men's and women's teams crowned league champions.

Ballarat and District Soccer Association held its best and fairest presentation at Morshead Park on Friday night.

While Sebastopol Vikings’ Ryan Rykers took out the top award of the night, his seventeen-year-old teammate Liam Dawson won the division one goal scoring award as he works towards a state football career.

Warrnambool’s Isobel Stewart claimed the women’s best and fairest award for the second consecutive year.

During the presentation, it was announced the league would be adding under/11 and under/13 girls teams next year if it can get enough numbers.

UNDER/17: Ballarat

UNDER/17: Ballarat


Division 1 Open: Ryan Rykers (Sebastopol) – 26 votes

Division 1 Women: Isobel Stewart (Warrnambool Rangers) – 18 votes

Division 2: James Hibberd (Horsham) – 15 votes

Under/17 Open: Harry Hann (Ballarat) – 21 votes

Under/16 Girls: Eva Coasta (Ballarat North United) – 36 votes

Under/15 Division  1: Justin Angeleski (Ballarat) – 33 Votes

Under/15 Division 2: Yuri Hoashi (Buninyong) – 36 Votes 

Under/13 Division 1: Joseph Haynes (Sebastopol Vikings) – 38 Votes 

Under/13 Division 2: Eero Partonen (Daylesford) – 33 Votes 

Graig Pierce Memorial Trophy winner: Joseph Haynes

UNDER/16 GIRLS: Victoria Park

UNDER/16 GIRLS: Victoria Park


Division 1 Open: Liam Dawson (Sebastopol) – 24 goals

Division 1 Women: Daniela Weinreich (Sebastopol) – 33 goals

Division 2: Michael Busija (Sebastopol) – 26 goals

Under/17 Open: Sunny Yeu (Ballarat North United Black) – 32 goals

Under/16 Girls: Amelia Stewart (Victoria Park) – 41 goals

Under/15 Open Division 1: Harrison Barnes (Bacchus Marsh Yellow) – 24 goals

Under/15 Open Division 2: Bailey Webb (Buninyong) – 24 goals

Under/13 Open Division 1: Jasper Chalmers (Vikings) – 68 goals

Under/13 Open Division 2: Eero Partonen (Daylesford) – 57 goals 


Division 1 Open: Sebastopol Vikings

Division 1 Women: Sebastopol Vikings 

Division 2: Sebastopol Vikings

Under/17: Ballarat 

Under/16 Girls: Victoria Park

Under/15 Division 1: Victoria Park Blue

UNDER/15: Victoria Park Blue

UNDER/15: Victoria Park Blue

Under/15 Division 2: Buninyong

Under/13 Open Division 1: Sebastopol Vikings

Under/13 Open Division 2: Victoria Park White

UNDER/13: Sebastopol Vikings

UNDER/13: Sebastopol Vikings