Controversial Mt Clear subdivision gets green light

A controversial Mount Clear subdivision which was knocked back by the Ballarat City Council in April has finally been given the go-ahead following mediation between residents and the developer. 

The 21-lot development of two blocks of land off Geelong Road faced significant opposition from residents who were concerned about the potential use of the residential Hermitage Avenue as a major thoroughfare to new housing. 

Concern was also raised about the removal of more than 100 eucalyptus trees. 

The matter was directed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal following the council ruling, where all parties were advised to take part in a compulsory mediation session.

Ian Moyle, who was one of 28 objectors, said he was pleased to see both residents and the developer were able to reach an agreement on the subdivision.

An aerial view of the Mount Clear development

An aerial view of the Mount Clear development

“Ninety per cent we concerned about increased traffic in Hermitage Avenue because it's meant to be a residential street, so we were objecting because they were using it as a back entrance,” Mr Moyle said.  

“None of us had an objection to the subdivision.” 

VCAT handed down its final orders last week after council approved the amended development at a meeting on August 23. 

Among the changes made to the planning application were a reduction of lots on the two blocks, the preservation of some trees and the removal of exiting traffic onto Hermitage Avenue. 

The Courier contacted developer Michael Brooks, who declined to comment.