Sebastopol graffiti vandal: targets homes, cars

A graffiti spree that targeted cars and homes at Sebastopol has left a community determined to fightback on Monday morning.

The vandal sprayed at least eight cars as well as letter boxes and signs on Josephine Way and Birdwood Avenue.

Resident Lisa Vowels said the community would consider forming a new neighbourhood watch group in response to the incident.

Her daughter’s grey, dwarf rabbit Marley was also stolen from its secure hutch during the vandalism spree.

Mrs Vowel said it would be heartbreaking to tell her daughter the news her pet was missing.

“I have been looking over my shoulder all day – it is just gut wrenching – I keep hoping to see the rabbit there, but it has not sunk in yet.”

Ballarat police are investigating the incident.

The vandal defaced homes in and near the Zofia housing estate.

Mrs Vowels first saw the graffiti when she arrived home from her Monday morning boot camp session about 7am.

She said her three daughters would be scared to know the vandal had also entered their yard to steal the rabbit.

“I won’t tell my younger ones, because they will be distraught,” she said.

“Their bedroom is at the back of the house, the windows look onto the backyard, so it will freak them out.”

Most residents have parked their cars in driveways and garages, rather than risk vandalism on the street again following the incident.

Mrs Vowels also said the incident was out of character with the quiet neighbourhood.

“This is quite a big incident to have happened in our area all at once,” she said.

“I noticed this morning no one had their cars on the streets.”

Anyone with information can call Ballarat police on 5336 6000 or Crime Stopper anonymously on 1800 333 000.