Letters to the editor

Choosing to die

What he wrote in his Letter to the Editor Pat Hockey of Clunes and what is actually  proposed as law in this state is as far from the truth as Earth is to Pluto. The very people named; the elderly, depressed, disabled etc. will not have access. The law proposed is regarded by international experts on this matter as the most conservative in the world. For starters, two doctors will have to sign off on a patient's request and that request will have to be made at least twice, and then not in under a ten day period. The individual making the request will be guided by their own conscience and belief system before they even make that request, and l am certain doctors will not sign off on that request as simply as writing a prescription for antibiotics. This suffering that a person might choose to end is, to quote, is focusing on a form of suffering in the world that we can do something about. The arguments should be based in fact, not emotive fear tactics and respect those who might want that choice.

Tanya Winn, Golden Point.

Disappointed in backward looking messages

I appreciate that we all have a right to our opinions as individuals but when leaders use their voices to promote suffering, division and concepts that weaken us as families and as a society, it should make us reflect. This is just my opinion on Bishop Paul Bird's letter to the Catholics. Shame on you Bishop Paul Bird for hiding behind the Pope and crafting your letter so carefully to us Catholics. I am a devoted practising Catholic in Ballarat. To start with, you are not my friend. I look up to the Pope, you and other priests as leaders and guides in my spiritual well-being. It is with sadness I write, that we can no longer trust our leaders because they appear to give out messages that are contrary to the core teaching of Christ "love and acceptance". Neither it appears that some of our Catholic leaders are aligned with a mature civilised society that is non-judgemental, inclusive and upholds basic equal human rights.

Bigotry no longer has a place in our homes, schools, workplaces or society. To choose to love someone is a basic human right and marriage equality is a human right. You protesting and instilling fear and moral judgement does not serve us as a society but continues to provide a deep sense of division, isolation and suffering. The Catholic church continues to show lack of leadership and contempt for the suffering within our society which was so evident during the 'The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse' which brought a lot of us Catholics to our knees in keeping the faith. This compounds the suffering, confusion and grief in a lot of us Catholics. I wish you would have the courage and decency to lead us with your heart and true Christian values. PS: For the record, my vote was a resounding YES!

Jacqui Fernandez, Ballarat.

Not the way ahead

The proposal for the Ballarat Railway Station Precinct is very worrying and imminent as the former Council gave the State Government our community's land, so they have apparently sold it to 'developers' without careful and impartial thought. The disability compliance has not been adhered to and is open to litigation. We do need a transport hub for trains, buses and car parking. The heritage overlay seems to have been ignored. We do not need a block of apartments and a convention centre on beautiful Lydiard Street. There will be few, if any, new jobs and less car parking. The alternate proposal put forward by the 'Save our Station' group provides a much better long term outcome and has not been considered by the government. Aesthetically, we have to consider the alternate proposal. We have already allowed our beautiful Wendouree Parade to become an eyesore with the monstrosities constructed there. Let's act before it is too late. 

Is Ballarat about fear or inclusiveness? The debate over same sex marriage goes on.

Is Ballarat about fear or inclusiveness? The debate over same sex marriage goes on.

Margaret Cox, Soldiers Hill