Heidi Flower was caught drink driving with a BAC of 0.198

BUSTED: Heidi Flower

BUSTED: Heidi Flower

A Ballarat woman has lost her license for 19 months after pleading guilty to driving home from the pub at almost four times the legal limit. 

Heidi Flower, who works in state politics, was pulled over by police shortly before 1am on July 14 this year after leaving the Athletic Club Brewery. 

The court heard she was seen by police leaving the pub and narrowly avoided hitting parked cars as she attempted to drive home. 

The police summary read to the court claimed the officer who intercepted Ms Flower could smell alcohol on her when they took a preliminary breath test. 

She was then taken to the Ballarat police station where she returned an evidentiary breath test of 0.198 BAC. 

A teary Ms Flower told the court her decision to drink and drive is one she deeply regrets. 

"I was under a lot of pressure and had worked the entire day before I got in the car," she said. 

"It's not an excuse but I was in the middle of a very dramatic break up at the time and I made a stupid decision that I completely regret right now." 

She also requested her transgression be recorded without conviction as it was her first offence but Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said he couldn't do that. 

"It is possible for a first offence with a lower reading to record without conviction but a conviction is mandatory in this case," he said. 

"This case is yet another example of a  person who is otherwise a responsible member of the community who has had too much to drink and your ability to make decisions is as badly affected as your ability to drive.

"Clearly, had you been in possession of your faculties, you would never have considered getting behind the wheel.

"Fortunately, you were intercepted quickly before something far worse happened; this could have been a tragedy."

Ms Flower was fined a total of $869.90, had her license cancelled for 19 months and will have an interlock device condition for four years following the cancellation period.