Is it too early to start bragging about being organised for Christmas?

I don’t like to brag (okay, yes I do), but there’s only 44 days until Christmas and I only have two presents left to buy.

Hubby’s organised, the kids’ gifts are tucked away in a “safe place” (but I’m sure, with some detective work, they’ll find them … as they do most years), even the pet dog has something squirelled away for December 25.

I’m so organised, I have the Christmas tree out of storage and put behind the couch ready for December 1’s decorate.

I haven’t always been this organised. In fact, some years back I was renowned for running around like a headless chook the week of Christmas trying to fill those stocking and Santa sack fillers and looking for that elusive bargain.

After years of impulse Christmas purchases, I decided I was not going to be that person who rugby tackled the little old lady in the toy aisle of K-Mart for that very last Barby campervan (a la Jingle All the Way with big Arnie).

I love, love, love Christmas. I love the carols playing in the shops. I love spending the holiday with family and friends (we have been known to cater for up to 30 at our house on Christmas Day). I love the Christmas-dedicated food like mince pies, coloured popcorn, Christmas lollies. I particularly love how my “kids” – now aged in their 20s – still wake up before the crack of dawn on Christmas morning to open up their presents.

There are, however, a few things about the festive season which get under my skin. The first is how early supermarkets and department stores stock their shelves with Christmas paraphernalia. Come on guys, I’ve seen puddings and mince pies on the shelves as early as July. Let us pay off our credit cards from the previous Christmas first.

And the other Christmas tradition is Christmas cards. I have so many relatives and friends I need to send a card to, I end up with RSI just writing them. So I’ve culled back the amount of words on each card. “Dear (insert name here), Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Love K, S, H & E.” The end. Try writing that about 60 times over!

Phew, now pass me the eggnog.