Journalist says she still loves her job as man fined for abusing her in Ballarat

Nine News journalist Maggie Raworth wasn't having a bar of it when a man got out of what is believed to be his parents' car and started hurling abuse at her.
Nine News journalist Maggie Raworth wasn't having a bar of it when a man got out of what is believed to be his parents' car and started hurling abuse at her.

A local journalist says she has not been put off her job after a video of her being abused outside the Ballarat courts went viral.

Police from Ballarat North have fined a man who lives between Melbourne and Linton for offensive behaviour after he verbally abused Nine News journalist Maggie Raworth a week ago. 

Ms Raworth said she has received a lot of support from other media professionals but she finds the footage difficult to watch, describing it as "cringey."  

"I'm fine now and honestly we were so busy that day I didn't have time to give it much thought," she said. 

"Since then I have had an overwhelming amount of support, both online and offline, and I feel really lucky to have so much support."

Footage of Ms Raworth's attacker hurling abuse about her profession and attacking her appearance was picked up by media outlets around the country at a time of heightened awareness of violence against women. 

As high profile cases of sexual assault played out across international headlines and November recognised nationally as White Ribbon Month, Ms Raworth's attack was a reminder of the gendered violence women everywhere face. 

Sergeant Brett Robinson from Ballarat North Police said he had never seen the kind of behaviour directed at Ms Raworth and praised her for keeping her cool. 

"We understand he was just driving past at the time and I have not seen this before, not in this fashion," he said. 

"To be so blatant and have a careless attitude even though he knew he was being filmed was so different from anything we see normally.

"Maggie handled herself extremely well and the fact she didn't inflame the situation is a credit to her.”

Sgt Robinson said he was appalled by the language and intimidation tactics used by the offender and said his tirade was completely uncalled for. 

"The police and the public shouldn't condone is kind of behaviour and in this day and age it’s totally unacceptable," he said. 

"What distinguished it was the personal attack on her and the intimidating behaviour as well as the offensive language that was used; it doesn’t compare to a journalist just doing their job trying to get a story."

However, Ms Raworth said she hasn't let the incident affect her and said she is thankful to everyone who has reached out to support her. 

"He failed to get a reaction out of me so he aimed for something most women would feel insulted by and he failed at that too," she said. 

"I still love my job and if anything I love it more, so many journalists have shared their experiences and reached out to stand by me. 

“It’s brought The Courier and Nine and everyone together and all of us are here supporting each other. 

"I think all journalists have been offended by it but have also shown a lot of solidarity."