Melbourne duo Pierce Brothers blazing a bombastic trail

Melbourne-based folk roots band The Pierce Brothers have just released a new EP and play Karova Lounge this Saturday night.
Melbourne-based folk roots band The Pierce Brothers have just released a new EP and play Karova Lounge this Saturday night.

Melbourne twins Jack and Pat Pierce have hit the big time overseas, finding fervent fans in the Netherlands and America. 

Their popularity worldwide is tangible, with more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Pierce Brothers’ new EP My Tired Mind was released on November 17, following the success of their ARIA Chart Top 10 EP The Records Were Ours released in May. 

Jack said he and his brother had a strong work ethic, resulting in constant tours and consistent musical output.

My Tired Mind was the one we wanted to release first before the last EP, because we recorded it all at the same time but then we thought we’d hold off,” he said. 

“This one is a much bigger EP and we’re really looking to getting out there with it, I’m stoked.

“We’re currently touring around supporting Tash Sultana, and being the support, no-one is really there just to see you so you’re out to impress everyone.

“We’ve never played the States before and people were screaming out and we were just really getting into it, especially with the song Amsterdam and that’s not even the single.”

Pierce Brothers will entertain Ballarat this Saturday, bringing their invigorating folk-roots music to the Karova Lounge stage. 

Sounding like Mumford and Sons and singling out Ben Harper and the John Butler Trio as influences, it’s no surprise the twins got their start as buskers, pulling big crowds in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall.

“That’s what dictated our performance style, we play by the same rules onstage because we’re trying to win an audience over no matter who it is,” Jack said.

“Whether it’s festivals we don’t know or even our own shows, we’re there to put on the biggest, bombastic kind of show that we can and that’s just what we’ve always attempted to do.

“It’s what came from busking and so we carried that onward to our career now.”

As bandmates and twin brothers, Jack said there was some truth to the suggestion they have a spooky sibling connection. 

“Onstage we’re very in sync because we’ve done all this stuff together,” he said. “But when we were younger we had this whole psychic thing going on.”

“You had to choose from four different shapes, and I used to be able to get it every time when he was looking at the shape.

“It happened for two years and then never happened again, but it was a really big thing.

“Like all siblings we argue so much, it’s absurd and most of the time over nothing, just because we’re tired and we’re on the road bitching at each other.

“At the same time, he’s my best friend, so we go through it all together.”

Karova Lounge, December 2. Doors 8.30pm, tickets $33. Support by Feelds.