Learner driver handed hefty fine for drug-driving in Sebastopol

A 23-year-old man caught drug-driving in Sebastopol had no licence and was driving an unregistered car.

Thomas O'halloran, 23, was handed a hefty fine at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Friday after he pleaded guilty to three driving offences.

Police intercepted O’halloran driving a Mitsubishi Lancer in Albert Street on June 15 at 3.40pm.

Checks revealed the car’s registration and O’halloran’s learner’s permit had both expired.

He underwent a breath test for alcohol, which produced a negative reading.

But an oral fluid drug test showed the presence of drugs in O’halloran’s system.

O’halloran, who represented himself in court, said since the incident he had not used drugs and was working.

Magistrate Ron Saines convicted and fined O’halloran $1200 and banned him from driving for three months.

He was ordered to pay $119.90 in court costs.