All grown up: Ballarat’s year 12’s back when they were preps

Do you you remember what was happening in the world 12 years ago?

In 2006, John Howard was Australian Prime Minister, we saw the deaths of the much-loved Steve Irwin and Peter Brock and hundreds of Ballarat kids started their first year of school.

Fast forward to 2018 and those grade preps will be heading to school for their final year.

So, we thought we would cast your mind back to the days when they first started school.

In 2006, The Courier first published ‘Big Steps, Little Feet’, our annual production that continues to run to this day.

In that feature, we head out to take photos of grade prep classes throughout Ballarat.

Above you will find every photo we took as part of the publication in 2016.

Have a flick through the gallery and see who you can spot.


* Note: The Courier will be publishing Big Steps, Little Feet in 2018