Redbacks snatch win from Vic Park at the death, Rangers still on top

Buninyong remains in touch with the Ballarat District Soccer Association division one top two following a thrilling win over Victoria Park.

The Redbacks are seven points off second-placed Sebastopol Vikings, but seven points clear of fourth-placed Ballarat.

But it nearly dropped what would have been a costly game on Sunday, as it trailed 3-2 after 87 minutes.

In fact, Buninyong scored the last three goals of the game, but it was the eleventh hour breakthroughs at the 88 and 90-minute mark that were most memorable.

Coach Francis Janssens was proud of his team’s efforts and said his group dug deep to get the win.

Nathan Collins found the back of the net to level the scores, before Edwin North, who has 12 goals this season, gave the Redbacks the lead two minutes later. With seven rounds remaining, Buninyong is well-poised and will take on ladder leader Warrnambool next week.

CHASE: Forest's Rebecca Dale and Ballarat's Lily Fraser track the loose ball during their BDSA women's clash on Sunday. Picture: Kate Healy

CHASE: Forest's Rebecca Dale and Ballarat's Lily Fraser track the loose ball during their BDSA women's clash on Sunday. Picture: Kate Healy

In other results, Warrnambool hammered North 12-3 – the Rangers boasting seven goal-scorers as North’s Alex Worthington scored a hat-trick – while Forest defeated Ballarat 4-1.

In the women’s division one, Warrnambool flexed its muscle against fellow top two contender Ballarat Eureka Strikers. A 4-1 victory to the Rangers sees it open up at six-point buffer on Strikers.

Ballarat North United were far too strong for Bacchus Marsh, winning 12-0.

While Ballarat defeated Forest 1-0, it was a much-improved display by Forest who had lost 9-0 and 6-1 in its previous two encounters with Ballarat.


Warrnambool Rangers 12 d Ballarat North United 3

Buninyong 4 d Victoria Park 3

Forest Rangers 4 d Ballarat 1

Sean Klain

Sean Klain

LADDER: Warrnambool Rangers 34 points, +39; Sebastopol Vikings 33, +23; Buninyong 26, +12; Ballarat 19, -9; Victoria Park 17, -4; Ballarat North United 17, -10; Forest Rangers 15, -9


Ballarat North United 6 d Victoria Park 3

Ballarat Red 4 d Creswick 0

Horsham 4 d Ballarat White 0

Buninyong 1 d Maryborough 0

Sebastopol Vikings 4 d Bacchus Marsh 2

Daylesford & Hepburn United 3 d Forest Rangers 1

LADDER: Horsham 36, +25; Ballarat Red 32, +29; Daylesford & Hepburn United 31, +16; Forest Rangers 27, +13; Buninyong 24, +9; Sebastopol Vikings 22, +14; Bacchus Marsh 15, -6; Maryborough 15, -10; Creswick 13, -23; Ballarat White 12, -14


Ballarat 1 d Forest Rangers 0

Warrnambool Rangers 4 d Ballarat Eureka Strikers 1

Ballarat North United 12 d Bacchus Marsh 0

LADDER: Ballarat 36, +46; Warrnambool Rangers 33, +63; Ballarat Eureka Strikers 27, +13; Ballarat North United 21, +26; Forest Rangers 12, -40; Sebastopol Vikings 3, +3; Bacchus Marsh 3, -86