Ballarat man Anthony Slater to contest charges from alleged police ramming incident

IN CUSTODY:Anthony Slater

IN CUSTODY:Anthony Slater

A Ballarat man is contesting charges he rammed a police vehicle in a suburban driveway and put an officer in danger earlier this year.

Police officers went to arrest Anthony Slater, 26, over previous offences about 7pm on April 11.

It is alleged when police arrived, Slater rammed the police vehicle and armed himself with a wheel brace outside a Dalwood Court home.

Officers used capsicum spray and he was eventually arrested.

Slater has been in custody since the incident and appeared by video link at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Defence lawyer Manny Brennan told the court the case had not been able to resolve and it would need to proceed to a contested committal hearing.

He said Slater had an intellectual disability and he would prefer for the hearing to be held sooner rather than later.

Slater’s counsel will cross-examine four police witnesses during the two-hour hearing later this year.

Slater’s most serious charge, intentionally placing an emergency worker at risk of safety, must be heard in a higher jurisdiction.

During the contested committal hearing, a magistrate will hear prosecution evidence and decide whether a jury would convict the accused.

Slater has also been charged with reckless driving causing damage to an emergency vehicle.

He will front the Ballarat Magistrates Court again later this year.