‘I’m going to kill’: man tells psychologist he plans to murder ex-partner

An elderly Ballarat man who told a psychologist he wanted to kill his former partner has been jailed for five months.

Michael Parker made the threats in May after his relationship broke down.

Parker had told a charity worker, “I’m going to do it, I’m going to kill” before telling his psychologist how he “plans to get away with murder” when talking about his former partner. 

Police arrested him on May 28 after he was seen the day before near the house of his former partner, who had an intervention order against him.

Later in the night, the victim's son went outside to have a cigarette and saw Parker peering over a garden fence before he ran away.

Parker pleaded guilty to four offences at the Ballarat Magistrates Court soon after his arrest.

Magistrate Ron Saines on Wednesday sentenced him to five months in jail, of which 72 days have already been served.

An existing Community Corrections Order was increased from 15 to 18 months and will include mental health assessments and treatment.  

Parker's former partner read her victim impact statement to the court, saying she had never been so scared in her life in the two weeks before Parker's arrest.

"The death threats put a level of fear in me that I never thought was possible," she said.

The woman said she experienced nightmares, financial loss, had to increase her medication and lost her trust in men.

"I constantly feel unsafe. I no longer trust my judgement in men," she said.

"I feel I no longer have control in my life."

Parker's defence lawyer acknowledged the victim's strength to stand up in court to read the statement.

"She should be commended for taking part in the criminal justice system and for her strength of character," the Ballarat lawyer said.

A Forensicare report tendered to the court showed Parker did not experience any psychosis or extreme psychiatric disorder.

But it did explain other psychological-natured issues of loss, Mr Saines said.

"These are most serious matters. Making a threat to kill is a serious offence ... punishable by 10 years' imprisonment," Mr Saines said.

He said Parker had been before the court for similar offending in 2017, where he was placed on the CCO, and in early May 2018.

Parker pleaded guilty to making threats to kill, contravening a family violence intervention order, contravening a family violence intervention order by using harm and committing offences while on bail.

He is about half-way through his five-month jail sentence.