MEREDITH MUSIC FESTIVAL: Huge crowd rocking on

MEREDITH magic filled the air as the annual music festival got of to a rocking start last night.

Music lovers in their thousands descended on the farmland and turned the paddocks into a tent city for three days of rock, a cool atmosphere and plenty of beer.

The 15th Meredith Music Festival sold out all 10,000 tickets in a record 10 days, with many punters looking forward to it since the last one ended.

Production manager Lou Ridsdale is one of those who had been looking forward to the event for the past "364 days".

Ms Ridsdale said there was something about the festival which kept people coming back.

"It's the Meredith magic, it's fun, there's a relaxed atmosphere," she said.

"There's a lot of festivals going, but there's something about Meredith. They are very chilled and relaxed. It's such a shame it's 364 days to go (to the next one) when it ends."

New at the festival this year is a big top tent called Heaven, with massages, hair cuts, shaving, and a 24-hour convenience store called Heaven Eleven.

The nude Meredith Gift returns as a perennial favourite and the line up of bands brings together You Am I, Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, The Avalanches, Blackalicious and Airbourne from Warrnambool.

Ms Ridsdale said there were more than 100 crew who would work solidly during the weekend to ensure the festival runs smoothly, with enough food to keep "10,000 hungry mouths" fed.

Despite the demand for tickets and the festival's success, Ms Ridsdale said there were no plans to make Meredith any bigger.