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Spring clean your life and finances

Spring clean your life and finances

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Memes on social media are suggesting we should just cut our losses for this year and call 2020 done. While these memes are designed to make us laugh, the end of the financial year and the approaching spring does present opportunities to start fresh in many respects.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Renewal of all things possible as fresh buds bloom and animals awaken and the garden comes to life. The weather gets warmer, it is easier to be active and there is a desire to do more.

Spring cleaning was born out of this sense of renewal and was big in the UK and Australia where homes were heated by fireplaces over the colder months. While fires were a necessity, they gave off a lot of soot, grime and dust which settled over everything during winter.

The spring clean was an antidote to many months of closed off, stuffy rooms, heated with open fires.

Whilst heating choices have changed a lot since then, taking along with it our traditional spring clean and our house keeping habits, now with so many of us spending more time at home it may be time to revive the tradition of a deep domestic cleanse. Practical and refreshing, cleansing, on a psychological level, can also revive flagging spirits.

Also, this EOFY and tax time may actually be more financially beneficial to many of us then previously. With a large portion of the workforce working from home and tax breaks designed to help regular folks and the economy, a greater number of people will be receiving a larger tax return than usual.

A little extra in the kitty could drive a fresh start for your finances as well as some new purchases to help prep for your cleanup.

Start your tidy up with an overhaul of your possessions. Look through your clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances and decide what you use and what is just taking up space.

Once you have cleared some physical space you can move onto utilities and services, such as gas and electricity and see if there are savings to be made there.

Finally, consider mobile phone plans, how much data you use and whether you are in need of a larger plan.

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This is advertiser content for Pennytel.