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The importance of child care centre security systems

The importance of child care centre security systems
The importance of child care centre security systems

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Parents leave their children in the custody of child care centres to attend to work or other engagements. However, just like any other establishment, child care centres are also exposed to various security threats, such as burglary, assault, among others.

To prevent such instances, it's vital to enhance the safety of children. Families that lose their children suffer a lot of emotional anguish which can often lead to depression and mental health issues. Such safety concerns can affect the centre's reputation as they have to face lengthy and expensive legal cases due to a lapse in security.

In addition to avoiding any possible legal cases, below are some of the important reasons for child care security systems.

1. Monitor activities of the children

There are dozens of children in a child care centre, making it virtually impossible to monitor each child. The financial implication of hiring sufficient caregivers to monitor each child could be inhibiting. Instead, an institution can install a child care surveillance system with cameras and other sensors to improve management.

The officer at the control room can use the information to alert the caregivers of any incident that may lead to an accident.

Bullying among children affects child psychology and can lead to low esteem or escalate into fights. A surveillance system can help single out bullying behaviors or handle the situations before they escalate.

2. Prevention of theft or robbery

Theft or robbery occurs when opportunities open up for such perpetrators. In a daycare centre, there may be several people who visit the institution on any particular day. Amidst the huge traffic, some people find ways to exploit or benefit from the resources available.

Below is a demonstration of how child care centre security systems can prevent theft:

Biometric login: A biometric access control restricts the entry of unregistered individuals from key installations in a building. You can install such a system in places where a kid's tablet, learning materials, and other personal items are kept.

The biometric system also acts as a deterrent, so any unauthorised access would be arrested early.

Security cameras: A child care centre can install security cameras in key entry positions like gates, receptions, and other paths within the premises. In the unfortunate occurrence that the burglary takes place, it would be more effective to alert the authorities when you're armed with evidence.

The importance of child care centre security systems
The importance of child care centre security systems

3. Manage your employees

The business of the child care centre is based on the trust bestowed on you from guardians and parents. Working systems like workforce, security, and routines are what keeps the business running even in your absence. Your employees' performance will directly impact the success of your child care centre.

You can use a surveillance camera to monitor any suspicious activity, such as abuse, neglect of duty, or poor management of the centre. The system can also give you an objective basis to improve the quality or the need to conduct staff training.

4. To avert disasters

A fully-fledged child care centre has different systems that rely on electricity, like ventilation, heating, and sometimes power back-ups. These systems may cause fire outbreaks in the centre.

A child care centre may install an alarm system to alert employees or authorities in such emergencies. Take note that the alarm system should be used in conjunction with other fire safety protocols like emergency exits, assembly points, fire extinguishers, and first aid marshals.

It's also wise to incorporate employee training on how to manage the kids during such disasters.

5. A security system reduces the insurance premium

One of the top requirements when seeking approvals is insurance covers for the centre. The cover can also shield you from huge compensation claims in case of theft, disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance firms use your disaster preparedness as a factor in calculating the insurance premium. A comprehensive security system will reduce the total premium payable, which translates to lower operating costs.

6. Improve the reputation of the centre

A child care centre with security systems has a minimal incidence of theft, employee misconduct, or un-checked employee behaviors. This results in happy parents who'll give the institutions positive reviews and recommendations.

On the contrary, a centre with defective or entirely lacks the system has frequent security lapses, which can affect the kid's safety and the centres' reputation.


A child care centre is a sensitive institution that requires functioning security systems and policies. Security cameras in the institution can be used to deter burglaries, bullying among children, and laxity within the workforce.

Additionally, a functioning security system offers peace of mind to the owners and parents, effectively raising the reputation of the centre in the industry.

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