Mayor decision is disturbing for Ballarat

For first-time councillor John Burt to be waved through to become Ballarat's mayor is distinctly disturbing.

Why are councillors with a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge being passed over in favour of someone untried?

It is not a sound beginning for an incoming council to invite untested leadership.

This is a challenging period for Ballarat - it requires a steady, tried and true hand. It also needs time to be available for careful reflection and evaluation.

As well as being new to council John Burt openly states he will continue to run a large organisation full-time and be mayor of our city of close to 100,000 people.

This belittles both sets of arduous responsibilities.

No matter how competent John Burt and his mates claim him to be, it is a shaky way to steer our future.

If this so-called "Liberal bloc" truly have Ballarat's over their own political interests at heart, they should rethink this decision.


Mount Helen


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