How brothers Connor and Sam saved their mum in a dire situation

GUARDIAN ANGELS: Connor, eight, and Sam Algie, 10, with mum Sarah. Picture: Kate Healy
GUARDIAN ANGELS: Connor, eight, and Sam Algie, 10, with mum Sarah. Picture: Kate Healy

MINERS Rest brothers Sam and Connor Algie are being hailed as heroes for looking after their mum in a medical emergency.

They say they were just doing exactly what they learned at school.

The brothers were getting ready for school one morning when they found their mum Sarah had collapsed on the floor. They swung into action calling their dad and triple zero. Together they moved their mum into the recovery position, checked their mum was breathing and that her airways were clear.

Sam, aged 10, stayed with his mum to monitor her condition while Connor, 8, waited outside to direct paramedics.

  • Sam and Connor demonstrate how to put someone in the recovery position, below.

Even though it was a bit scary, the brothers remained calm and stuck to the first aid skills they knew.

“It’s really important to learn first aid at school because if you don’t, you’ll panic. We didn’t because we knew how to do it,” Sam said.

“It was kinda weird. (The paramedics) were really tall, too.”

St John Ambulance visited Miners Rest Primary School on Wednesday morning to present the brothers with special medals for their courage and heroics.

The not-for-profit organisation aims to train 200,000 Victorian school children this year in first aid skills, knowledge and confidence in health emergencies.

Connor said it was really important children pay attention.

“They can help people in their family and friends so they can be safe,” Connor said. “You can help people who aren’t well. If someone collapses and there’s nobody else there to help, at least you will know what to do.”

Mum Sarah has since recovered well. Ms Algie was taken to hospital in an ambulance and collapsed again, this time needing resuscitation at the hospital.

Ms Algie said her two little guardian angels potentially saved her life.

“I am really, really proud of them. They did an amazing job,” Ms Algie said.

“The St John Ambulance program at school is fantastic. It’s important skills for the boys to have, particularly when they are out with groups of children playing – these two like the BMX track – and they might need to be the first to help.

“They have that first aid knowledge.”

The experience has neither brother keen to consider a future career in paramedics though.

Sam is determined to be an entomologist, studying bugs and other cool critters. Connor wants to keep helping people, but as a policeman.